YOU-TURN: Changing Direction in Mid-life is a collection of “over 40 stories of people over 40.” The inspiring stories are from a diversity of real people who started a new path—and will motivate you to do the same. A grieving mother started a school for the leprosy-affected in India; a crack dealer became a real estate investor; a 73-year-old singer enrolled in law school; a catering director started rehabbing used cars for low-income people; a Harvard lawyer became a New Age healer, and more. Click on “About the Book” for complete chapter-by-chapter synopses.

Whether you’re looking to change careers, begin a relationship, have children, find meaning, or just find balance, this book is for you. It also includes a “driver’s manual” and tips on easing yourself into a life change.


  • Identify what’s not working for you anymore
  • Explore where you might want to go
  • Create a roadmap for going in the direction of your choice
  • Transfer skills from your “wrong” direction to enhance your right one
  • Overcome fears that prevent most people from changing
  • Learn how your unconscious has been programmed—and reprogram it
  • Design and live a life that fulfills you
  • Get motivated to pull a 180!